GL 1800 Razor Trike Conversion $32,595.00 (DOES NOT INCLUDE DONOR MOTORCYCLE OR OPTIONS)

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GL 1800 Razor Trike Conversion $32,595.00 (DOES NOT INCLUDE DONOR MOTORCYCLE OR OPTIONS)

GL 1800 Razor Trike Conversion $32,595.00 (DOES NOT INCLUDE DONOR MOTORCYCLE OR OPTIONS)

The "Razor", as named by Motor Trike, was designed to fit the Honda Goldwing GL1800.
"The Razor touts a compelling new body design that makes you rethink GL 1800 trikes. The Razor is offered as an alternative style for our GL 1800 conversion line, giving customers another option to our best - selling Adventure conversion"

Motor Trike took great care to stylistically match this new conversion to the Honda motorcycle itself.
The all - new custom body design is aggressive, edgy and captures the stronger body lines the 2012 Goldwing, but also modernizes the 2010 and down Goldwing motorcycle; they are
always the perfect match. The new - styling of the trike isn't the only thing that stands out; the Razor also boasts a redesigned drive shaft
assembly, vivid new taillights, and the largest trunk/storage capacity of any OEM or trike conversion in the industry - 9.2 cubic feet/260 Liters.
The redesigned, larger capacity trunk sits on Motor Trike's outstanding Independent Rear Suspension that is simply unparalleled when ridden side by side with any other trike on the market.

Standard Features

  • Independent Rear Suspension
  • Chrome Steel Wheels
  • On-Board Air Compressor
  • LED Air Suspension & Voltmeter Readout
  • Patented Air Ride Suspension
  • Over 4" of Suspension Travel
  • Progressive Coil Over Shocks
  • Integrated Disc Brake System
  • Trike Trunk "Open" Warning Indicator
  • Trunk Light on Interior of Door
  • Hidden Trunk Door Hinges
  • 12 Volt Power Outlet in Trunk
  • Exceptional Plastic Side Cover Fit
  • Features newly redesigned driveshaft

Available Options

  • Front & Rear Billet Aluminum Wheels
  • Performance Machine Front & Rear Wheel Options
  • Front Wheel Balancer
  • Fender Bras with Optional Embroidery
  • Front End 4.5 Degree Rake Kit
  • (Do I need a rake kit?)
  • ABS Integration Kit
  • Parking Brake Kit
  • One-Piece Weight-Bearing Aqua Shields
  • Aqua Shields Fog Lights
  • Aqua Shield Bras
  • Aqua Shield Color-Match Paint
  • Trailer with Complementary Styling
  • Trailer Hitch Assembly
  • Trailer Wiring Harness with 6 Pin Connector
  • Chrome Nerf Bumper
  • Chrome Peterson Light Bar
  • Chrome Kuryakyn Light Bar
  • Echo Exhaust
  • Trunk Carpet
  • Embroidered Trunk Mat
  • Chrome Side Cover Upgrade (2012 & Up)
  • Trike Cover
  • Color-Match Paint
  • Two-Tone Paint
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