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Hannigan Trike Conversions

Thank you for your interest in Hannigan products. It is Hannigan's goal to provide a well engineered product that enables you to have "The Ride of your Life!" Hannigan have been manufacturing motorcycle products for over 30 years and are pleased to offer a more diverse line of product than ever before as they continue to serve the motorcycle enthusiast community.

Since 2002 demand for Hannigan product has dramatically increased and we have been growing at a steady rate. In the spring of 2005 they expanded their facility for the third time since moving from Toronto, Canada in 1992 to include a new showroom, more office space, a separate fiberglass building, and a new paint and trike installation area. They also have a select network of qualified dealers in an effort to serve you more conveniently in your area.

They have been avid riders for over 30 years experiencing the many facets of motorcycling on both two and three wheels. They love touring and sport riding on the beautiful curvy roads in western Kentucky and Tennessee. Also a large percentage of their employees are motorcycle enthusiasts.
For The Ride of Your Life!

For The Ride of Your Life!

Hannigan Trikes


Hannigan Trikes will give you the ride of your life. The features that put Hannigan ahead of the rest of the pack are many, but of primary importance is the independent suspension with sway bar. Our independent suspension has almost no lateral forces on the motorcycle seat creating a much healthier, more comfortable ride, even for your passenger. Our 60-inch wide track and CRX sports car stabilizer has made the Hannigan Trike one of the safest and most stable trikes available. It will out-corner other trikes, allowing you to run with your two wheel companions on twisty roads. Hannigan Trikes have the best combination of sporty handling and a plush ride.

Progressive Suspension® I.A.S. Gas Shocks in all Hannigan Trikes are very user friendly. Inertia sensitive damping enables the wheel to react quickly to rough surfaces while still maintaining full damping control for taut precise handling.

The In-line Drive Shaft of the original motorcycle is used in its original position to ensure smooth running and unbeatable reliability.

All Hannigan Trikes use a 7.5 inch Ford Thunderbird differential with 2.73 gears matched to right-size tires to maintain the original bike ratio, except for the Hannigan Harley-Davidson® FLH series Trike conversion, which uses the original H-D belt drive and sprocket. Mufflers of the original motorcycles are used on all Hannigan Trikes.

All Hannigan Trikes come with standard disc brakes. On Hannigan's BMW®, Harley® and Honda® Trike conversions, the original ABS System has been retained.



Kawasaki VN1500 & VN1600 Vulcan & Nomad Trike: $27,500.00 Base Price Ride Away

2001-2008 1500 Classic & 2003-2008 1600 Classic
2001-2004 1500 Nomad & 2005-2009 1600 Nomad

RETAIL BASE PRICE Specify Year: $27,500.00

Base Price Includes Single Tone Colour Match, Steer-Lite Front End Rake Kit,
Parking Brake Kit, Trunk Carpet, Freight, Installation, GST & Engineers Certificate.

  • Reverse-Electric HMS $2,100.00
  • One Color w/2 stripes: Paint Code: $175.45
  • Two Color w/up to 2 stripes-Vulcan Style ONLY-NO Custom Layout $235.95
  • Painted Pin-Stripe(s)-(add additional per each Stripe required) $211.75
  • Premium Paint Colours-(add additional per each Color required) $121.00
  • Trailer Hitch (includes wiring and chromed insert with 50mm ball) $272.25
  • Wheel Chrome Finish Upgrade (same style as standard 16") $423.50
  • Wheel Black Finish Upgrade (same style as standard 16") $423.50

*Prices and Specifications are Subject To Change Without Notice*

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