MD Solid Axle Suspension Kits $13,380.00 Base Price

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MD Solid Axle Suspension Kits $13,380.00 Base Price

MD Solid Axle Suspension Kits $13,380.00 Base Price

For only $13,380.00, the Fixed axle will convert any belt or chain driven motorcycle into a trike in hours. The 41" fixed axle provides a more stable ride for most applications. Our Fixed Axle has the same center section as the independent suspension so it can be converted into an independent suspension later down the road. The system will use the stock chain and sprocket or belt and pulley. It uses the 4 piston Wilwood brake and 13” rotor, the largest in the trike industry.

  • Kit price includes fixed axle conversion kit, front end rake kit, 15" alloy wheels and tyres, full fibreglass mudgaurds and mudgaurd mount kit, delivery, customs clearance, port charges, duty & GST. Installation costs are not included. Installation can be arranged through Trikes and Bikes for $1,950 for most motorcycles.
  • Compliance costs are $2,065 for NSW & SA. For all other states  Trikes and Bikes will reduce the cost by $1,100.00 and put you in touch with a local compliance engineer in your state. 
  • Fixed Axle Kits Standard Features:

    • 4 Piston Wilwood brake calipers
    • 33mm x 9.5mm thick brake rotor
    • Made from 6061 bilet aluminum and steel with grade 8 bolts
    • Available in chrome & polished or bare metal & machine finish
    • Use stock shocks, belt and pulley
    • Limited lifetime warranty

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