MD Independent Suspension Kits $30,000.00

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MD Independent Suspension Kits $30,000.00









Our engineers developed a suspension system with the help of a NASCAR engineer that specifically addresses correct roll-centers for high speed cornering. This has enabled us to produce an independent suspension system that rides softly and corners aggressively without lifting the inside tire. Our independent suspension system was built and designed for enhanced performance and greatly improved handling. Our suspension systems will revolutionize the perception of trikes as being cumbersome, awkward, and even dangerous. No Modification to your motorcycle frame needed, swingarm will be the only part modified. The fixed axle is also available with outboard brakes (not pictured). Durable, strong and simple for the street rodder or the economy triker.

Kit price includes independent suspension conversion kit, 15" alloy wheels and tyres, full steel fenders and fender mount kit, delivery, customs clearance, port charges, duty & GST. Installation included.

Compliance costs are included for NSW. Extra costs apply for all other states.


ISS & Fender Package INCLUDES:


MD Independent Suspension Trike

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Included in your Standard Trike Conversion Price MD Independent Suspension Trike Conversion with
Single Tone Colour Match (Included)
Front End Rake Kit (Included)
Wheel Set - Aluminium 15" (Included)
Standard Steel Fenders (Included)

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