Trikes and Bikes

number one

1/5 Metro Court,
Gateshead NSW 2290
02 4943 9433


Trikes and Bikes is only doing trike conversions under special circumstances. Due to rising manufacturer and freight costs, our trike conversions will now be $60,000.00 not including donor bike or options. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Trikes and Bikes is now concentrating on 2 wheel motorycles. I'm Hilton Steel from Trikes and Bikes Gateshead ! Together with Andy Daly we have over 70 years in the motorcycle industry. We do motorcycle and scooter log book services, tune ups, tyres, mechanical and fuel related issues, pink slips, blue slips and we work on bikes older than 10 years. I’ve been a mechanic for over 40 years and lived, worked and trained in Milwaukee . We are also specialists in insurance claims and classic Japanese Restorations.

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